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Whatsapp Marketing use cases to try in 2024

2024 is the year of Whatsapp Marketing. We've gathered some very simple and effective use cases you should leverage to boost your conversion, engagement, and retention.

Kiosk CEO - Paul Lafforgue - Expert in WhatsApp Marketing
Paul Lafforgue

Co-founder & CEO @Kiosk

Kiosk - Whatsapp Marketing use cases to try in 2024


The tools we use every day hold the potential to transform our businesses in ways we're only beginning to uncover. One such tool, hiding in plain sight, is WhatsApp. You can seamlessly weaving WhatsApp into your brand's engagement strategy, enhancing every customer interaction with personal touches that make your brand unforgettable.

Use case 1: Qualify your leads

WhatsApp shines in its ability to make lead qualification feel like a conversation with a friend. By tapping into its real-time messaging, you can understand your customers better than ever before, asking the right questions at the right time without ever making them feel like just another number.

How to qualify your leads

Kiosk tips:
Automated initial screening: Implement scenarios to handle initial inquiries. These scenarios can ask predefined questions (budget, needs, preferences) to qualify leads.
Instant responses to queries: Use WhatsApp for real-time communication to answer specific questions from potential leads, ensuring that they don't lose interest due to delayed responses.
Seamless handover to sales team: Once a lead is qualified, automatically forward their details and conversation history to the relevant salesperson for personalized follow-up.

Use case 2: Educate while onboarding your customers

The first steps with your product should feel like a guided tour, not a solo trek. WhatsApp can be the friendly guide, ensuring that every customer feels supported from the moment they say 'hello'.

How to educate while onboarding

Kiosk tips:
Guides: Provide step-by-step guides via WhatsApp to help them navigate your product or service. Use multimedia capabilities (like short videos or infographics) to make the learning process more engaging.
Provide secret tips: Schedule periodic messages with tips, tricks, or lesser-known features of your product or service to enhance user knowledge and experience.

Use case 3: Re-activate your leads

Sometimes, all a dormant lead needs is a nudge to remind them why they were interested in the first place. Personalized, engaging content via WhatsApp can reignite that spark, transforming silence into conversation.

How to re-active your leads

Kiosk tips:
Personalized reengagement messages: Reach out to inactive leads with personalized messages based on their last interaction or interest shown. This could be information about new features, products, or services relevant to them.
Special offers and incentives: Send targeted offers or exclusive discounts to reactivate interest. For instance, a special deal for a product they showed interest in previously.
Updates and newsletters: Share updates or newsletters about your industry or business. This keeps your brand in their mind and may rekindle their interest.

Use case 4: Upsell and re-engage with customers

Your existing customers are your best asset. WhatsApp can help you deepen those relationships with personalized suggestions, feedback requests, and updates that show you’re always thinking of ways to deliver more value.

How to upsell and re-engage

Kiosk tips:
Targeted promotions: Businesses can send personalized offers or discounts to existing customers on WhatsApp, encouraging them to make additional purchases.
Feedback and reviews: After a purchase, customers can be engaged on WhatsApp to provide feedback, which can be used to suggest other products or improvements, fostering upsell opportunities.
Re-engagement campaigns: WhatsApp can be used for re-engagement campaigns by sending updates about new products, services, or special events to previous customers.

Use case 5: Increase operational efficiency

Behind the scenes, WhatsApp can streamline your operations, making your business more responsive and reducing the time customers spend waiting for answers or updates.

How to increase operational efficiency

Kiosk tips:
Customer support: Implementing WhatsApp for customer service inquiries can reduce response times and increase customer satisfaction. It also allows handling multiple queries simultaneously, improving operational efficiency.
Order and delivery updates: Businesses can use WhatsApp to send real-time updates about orders and deliveries to customers, reducing the need for customers to call in for updates.
Appointment reminders: For service-oriented businesses, WhatsApp can be used to confirm appointments or send reminders, reducing no-shows and improving the utilization of resources.


The beauty of WhatsApp lies not just in its functionality but in its flexibility. As we've explored, its applications within a business context are limited only by our creativity. From sparking initial interest to nurturing a long-term relationship, WhatsApp stands ready to support your brand's engagement strategy at every turn. Let's not underestimate the power of a simple message to make someone feel valued, understood, and connected.

To get started with WhatsApp or see what use cases are best for your business, you can reach out to our team at Kiosk here.

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