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How to use WhatsApp for e-commerce to boost customer retention

Repeat business is a reflection of the quality of your product, but also the quality of your relationships. Consider Whatsapp marketing as a no-brainer for repeat purchases.

Kiosk CEO - Paul Lafforgue - Expert in WhatsApp Marketing
Paul Lafforgue

Co-founder & CEO @Kiosk

Kiosk - How to use WhatsApp for e-commerce to boost customer retention

"Usually replies within X minutes" - sound familiar? Most of us have encountered customer service widgets online by now. This support widget, which appeared some time ago, aimed to enhance customer relationships. Over time, it has gradually taken over the traditional email support channel. However, it seems that today, this widget has shown its limitations in certain scenarios:

  • As the company grows, so does the response time.
  • Many widgets redirect customers to FAQs when they are looking to make direct contact.
  • This setup has led to asynchronous conversations via email, as only a few customers remain on the website where they initially started the conversation.

In our daily lives, we use remarkably powerful communication tools like WhatsApp. WhatsApp has emerged as a significant ally in the pursuit of customer retention through WhatsApp marketing.

With its widespread adoption and personal touch, WhatsApp can revolutionize your customer engagement strategy, enhancing loyalty and encouraging repeat business. Here's how you can utilize WhatsApp for customer service to ensure your customers keep returning.

Tip 1: Personalize Your Customer Service

WhatsApp facilitates direct, personal communication with your customers. Utilize it to send personalized messages, updates, and support. This degree of personalization makes customers feel appreciated and understood, greatly increasing their loyalty to your brand.

How to personalize your customer service

Kiosk Tips
Automate greetings and FAQs: Employ Kiosk flows to dispatch automated welcome messages and instant replies to common queries. Customize it to fit your brand’s ethos. WhatsApp marketing techniques like this enhance customer experience.
Real-time support: Provide live support through WhatsApp, enabling customers to get in touch and receive immediate help. Given that people frequently use WhatsApp on their phones, they can easily share videos and pictures to enhance the support experience.

Tip 2: Offer Exclusives and Loyalty Programs

Everyone appreciates feeling special. Deliver exclusive offers, discounts, and early access to new products or services directly to your customers on WhatsApp. These incentives not only reward their loyalty but also promote repeat purchases. WhatsApp marketing strategies like these drive sales and customer retention.

How to offer exclusives and loyalty programs

Kiosk Tips
Segment Your Audience: Customize your offers based on customer preferences and purchase history for greater relevance.
Timely Reminders: Send reminders for renewals or to address abandoned carts, subtly encouraging customers to complete their purchases.

Tip 3: Send Fun Product Updates

Forget about changelogs and update newsletters. Speed up the adoption of new product features by sharing them on WhatsApp. Once you've secured opt-in, use WhatsApp broadcast lists to ensure every communication is impactful.

How to send fun product updates

Kiosk Tips
Recurring Events : Schedule monthly product updates to highlight what’s new. Incorporate quick videos, screenshots, or voice messages. Explore creative ways to disseminate your message.
Move on from newsletters: Transition from traditional email newsletters, which have a less than 20% open rate, to interactive WhatsApp marketing campaigns with unparalleled engagement rates.

Tip 4: Get continuous customer feedback

Feedback is crucial for any business aiming to expand and refine its offerings. WhatsApp offers a convenient way to collect customer feedback through simple surveys or direct messages.

How to get continuous customer feedback

Kiosk Tips
NPS & Post-Purchase Surveys: Conduct a quick survey following a purchase to gain insights into the customer experience.
Act on Feedback: Demonstrate to your customers that their opinions are valued by responding to their feedback and updating them on the improvements made.

Tip 5: Building a Community Feeling

Foster a sense of belonging by using WhatsApp to create a community centered around your brand. Share valuable content, tips, and engage in conversations that align with your customers' interests and needs.

How to build a community feeling

Kiosk Tips
Early adopters : Offer a unique experience to beta testers, providing exclusive access to new products and features.
Value-Added Content: Distribute useful tips, tutorials, or industry news that provides value beyond your products or services.

Tip 6: Integrate seamlessly with other marketing channels

Seamlessly integrate WhatsApp into your overall marketing strategy for a unified customer experience. Ensure messages are consistent with your brand voice across all channels. Kiosk has developed advanced integrations with HubSpot, Klaviyo, Shopify, and 4,000+ tools via Zapier, unleashing your imagination to create sophisticated retention and loyalty marketing journeys.

How to integrate with other marketing channels

Kiosk Tips
Cross-Promote: Motivate your customers to sign up for WhatsApp updates via other marketing tools like emails or website opt-ins.
Unified Brand Voice: Maintain a consistent tone and style across all platforms to enhance brand recognition.


Embracing WhatsApp for customer retention is about leveraging its versatility to build stronger, more meaningful connections. As you adapt to the evolving landscape of customer communication, remember that the essence of customer retention is understanding and valuing your customers' needs and preferences. WhatsApp marketing enables you to achieve this with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness, paving the way for lasting customer relationships and sustained business success. Explore the potential of WhatsApp in your strategy and witness its impact on your customer engagement and retention firsthand.

If you’re wondering how WhatsApp marketing can boost your customer retention, give us a shout (link). If you like, we'll give you a free demo on a quick call with the sales team.

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